Ben Knight


An ocean lover with a background in diving, communication and business, I spent my early career as a professional diving instructor and had the pleasure of owning and operating dive businesses in the Wellington and Kāpiti region for over 15 years. 

In this time I’ve logged hundreds of hours diving the spectacular reefs and pinnacles around Kāpiti island and am passionate about sharing this hidden jewel in the Kāpiti Island crown with our local community. 

I currently work for Sustainable Coastlines as the Citizen Science manager for a nationwide beach litter monitoring programme called Litter Intelligence.  As co-founder and chair of the Guardians of Kāpiti Marine Reserve Trust, I’m committed to ensuring our community is actively involved in the management of Kāpiti Marine Reserve and work together to ensure the health and wellbeing of the marine reserve and wider Kāpiti marine environment is protected so that future generations can also enjoy this natural treasure.