Join The Compliance Observer Group

Illegal fishing is a significant threat to Kāpiti marine reserve with incidents in recent years of craypots, longlines and set nets being found in the reserve as well as regular relatively minor infringements by recreational fishers.  DOC is responsible for the compliance and law enforcement effort at Kapiti marine reserve but they need our help to do this. 

DOC rely on reports of suspicious activity from the public to inform when and where they deploy their limited compliance resources.  We can all play our part when using the Kāpiti marine space by adhering to the marine reserve rules, and keeping a look out for and reporting any activity by calling 0800 DOC HOT.

The Compliance Observer Group (COG) is an informal volunteer network of compliance observers who assist DOC in gathering information regarding any incidents of suspicious activity within the marine reserve.  Download this incident reporting form to use when observing and reporting suspicious activity. 

COG volunteers also monitor the live feeds from the Kāpiti Kaitiaki Webcam network.  Contact us if you would like to help monitor the cameras (training required).

Click here to learn more about reporting suspicious activity.

Compliance officers in wellington
patrolling the marine reserve